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NK Receptor

Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
BIBO 3304 trifluoroacetate Chemical Structure
BCP42953 BIBO 3304 trifluoroacetate 191868-14-1
BIBO-3304 is a selective Y1 receptor antagonist.
Fezolinetant Chemical Structure
BCP31288 Fezolinetant 1629229-37-3
Fezolinetant, also known as ESN-364, is Neurokinin-3 (NK-3) receptor antagonist.
Talnetant Chemical Structure
BCP21046 Talnetant 174636-32-9
Talnetant is a novel NK3 receptor antagonist.
Osanetant Chemical Structure
BCP27643 Osanetant 160492-56-8
Osanetant is a tachykinin NK3 antagonist potentially for the treatment of schizophrenia.
SSR 146977 Chemical Structure
BCP27720 SSR 146977 264618-44-2
SSR 146977 is a new potent nonpeptide tachykinin NK3 receptor antagonist.
Casopitant Chemical Structure
BCP18249 Casopitant 414910-27-3
Casopitant is a centrally-acting neurokinin 1 (NK1) receptor antagonist with antidepressant and antiemetic activities.
Maropitant citrate Chemical Structure
BCP30061 Maropitant citrate 359875-09-5
Maropitant Citrate is a neurokinin receptor antagonist with antiemetic activity.