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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Silibinin Chemical Structure
BCP30337 Silibinin 22888-70-6
Silibinin, an effective anti-cancer and chemopreventive agent, has been shown to exert multiple effects on cancer cells, including inhibition of both cell proliferation and migration.
Kaempferide Chemical Structure
BCP20573 Kaempferide 491-54-3
Kaempferide is an O-methylated flavonol, a type of chemical compound. It can be found in Kaempferia galanga (aromatic ginger). The enzyme kaempferol 4'-O-methyltransferase uses S-adenosyl-L-methionine and kaempferol to produce S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine and kaempferide. P-glycoproteins.
5-Aminolevulinic acid methyl ester hydrochloride Chemical Structure
BCP08124 5-Aminolevulinic acid methyl ester hydrochloride 79416-27-6
5-Aminolevulinic acid methyl ester hydrochloride is a topical cream formulation containing the hydrochloride salt of methyl-5-aminolevulinate, a lipophilic methyl ester of 5-aminolevulinic acid, with photosensitizer prodrug activity.
Chlorpromazine Chemical Structure
BCP03610 Chlorpromazine 50-53-3
Chlorpromazine is in the typical antipsychotic class.
Chlorpromazine hydrochloride Chemical Structure
BCP30284 Chlorpromazine hydrochloride 69-09-0
Chlorpromazine Hydrochloride is an antagonist of the dopamine D2, 5HT2A, potassium channel and sodium channel. Chlorpromazine binds with D2 and 5HT2A with Kis of 363 nM and 8.3 nM, respectively.
Isosorbide Chemical Structure
BCP13451 Isosorbide 652-67-5
Isosorbide is used as a diuretic used mainly to treat hydrocephalus and is also used to treat glaucoma.
Trimetazidine Chemical Structure
BCP16534 Trimetazidine 5011-34-7
Trimetazidine is a vasodilator used in angina of effort or ischemic heart disease.
Sofalcone Chemical Structure
BCP12009 Sofalcone 64506-49-6
Sofalcone is an oral gastroprotective, gastrointestinal medication. It is a synthetic analog of sophoradin.
Salvianolic Acid B Chemical Structure
BCP12410 Salvianolic Acid B 121521-90-2
Salvianolic acid B is an active ingredient of Salvia miltiorrhiza, which has been widely applied in China for the management of various microcirculation-related disorders, such as cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, and diabetic vascular complication.
CA-5f Chemical Structure
BCP30170 CA-5f 1370032-19-1
CA-5f is a novel late-stage autophagy inhibitor with potent anti-tumor effect against non-small cell lung cancer.
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