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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
LC3-mHTT-IN-AN1 Chemical Structure
BCP33879 LC3-mHTT-IN-AN1 486443-73-6
LC3-mHTT-IN-AN1 is a mHTT-LC3 linker compound, which interacts with both mutant huntingtin protein (mHTT) and LC3B but not with wtHTT or irrelevant control proteins.
Autophinib Chemical Structure
BCP25844 Autophinib 1644443-47-9
Autophinib is a novel potent autophagy inhibitor, inhibiting autophagy induced by starvation or Rapamycin by targeting the lipid kinase VPS34.
Mycro-3 Chemical Structure
BCP32791 Mycro-3 944547-46-0
Mycro3 is an inhibitor of Myc-Max dimerization.
mTOR inhibitor-1 Chemical Structure
BCP32690 mTOR inhibitor-1 468747-17-3
mTOR inhibitor-1 is a novel mTOR pathway inhibitor which can suppress cells proliferation and inducing autophagy.
Cysteamine Chemical Structure
BCP15015 Cysteamine 60-23-1
Cysteamine is a medication intended for a number of indications, and approved by the FDA to treat cystinosis. It is stable aminothiol, i.e., an organic compound containing both an amine and a thiol functional groups. Cysteamine is a white, water-soluble solid. It is often used as salts of the ammonium derivative [HSCH2CH2NH3]+ including the hydrochloride, phosphocysteamine, and bitartrate.
AZ304 Chemical Structure
BCP31900 AZ304 942507-42-8
AZ304 is an ATP-competitive dual BRAF kinase inhibitor, potently inhibits wild type BRAF, V600E mutant BRAF and wild type CRAF, with IC50s of 79 nM, 38 nM and 68 nM, respectively. AZ304 also has significant effect on other kinases, such as p38 (IC50, 6 nM), CSF1R (IC50, 35 nM). Anti-tumor activity.
Sodium Butyrate Chemical Structure
BCP31813 Sodium Butyrate 156-54-7
Sodium butyrate is the sodium salt of butyric acid, used in the culture of mammalian cells.
Trifarotene Chemical Structure
BCP31392 Trifarotene 895542-09-3
Trifarotene is a retinoic acid receptor (RAR) agonist with Kdapp of 2, 15 and 500 nM for RARγ, RARβ and RARα, respectively.
AP1867-3-(Methoxyethylamine) Chemical Structure
BCP31303 AP1867-3-(Methoxyethylamine) 2127390-15-0
AP1867-3-(Methoxyethylamine), the AP1867 based moiety, is a synthetic ligand for FKBP.
Shield-1 Chemical Structure
BCP31301 Shield-1 914805-33-7
Shield-1 is a cell-permeable FKBP ligand that is designed to protect an otherwise unstable protein domain from degradation; binds tightly to FKBP, induces rapid and processive degradation of the LID domain.
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