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DNA/RNA Synthesis

Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
CDM-NAG Chemical Structure
BCP20238 CDM-NAG 1299292-01-5
CDM-NAG is a useful tool compound to deliver the siRNA.
Homoharringtonine Chemical Structure
BCP28190 Homoharringtonine 26833-87-4
Homoharringtonine is an inhibitor of protein synthesis. Blocks elongation phase of translation by binding to the 60-S ribosome subunit. Antileukemic.
Cycloheximide Chemical Structure
BCP28121 Cycloheximide 66-81-9
Cycloheximide is a eukaryote protein synthesis inhibitor and antibiotic.
COH29 Chemical Structure
BCP29969 COH29 1190932-38-7
COH29 is a potent ribonucleotide reductase (RNR) inhibitor with anticancer activity with an IC50 of 8 μM in KB cell.
Capecitabine Chemical Structure
BCP29814 Capecitabine 158798-73-3
Capecitabine is an oral prodrug that is converted to its only active metabolite, fluorouracil (FU), by thymidine phosphorylase.
Plicamycin Chemical Structure
BCP22028 Plicamycin 18378-89-7
Plicamycin is a selective specificity protein 1 (Sp1) inhibitor. Plicamycin inhibits the growth of various cancers by decreasing Sp1 protein.
Gemcitabine Monophosphate Chemical Structure
BCP21656 Gemcitabine Monophosphate 116371-67-6
Gemcitabine Monophosphate is a gemcitabine derivative. It is an antineoplastic agent.
GC7 Sulfate Chemical Structure
BCP29762 GC7 Sulfate 150417-90-6
GC7 Sulfate is a deoxyhypusine synthase (DHPS) inhibitor.
Lobucavir Chemical Structure
BCP21590 Lobucavir 127759-89-1
Lobucavir, also known as BMS-180194; SQ-34514, is a reverse transcriptase inhibitor potentially for treatment of HBV infection.
Motexafin gadolinium Chemical Structure
BCP27920 Motexafin gadolinium 156436-89-4
Motexafin gadolinium is an inhibitor of thioredoxin reductase and ribonucleotide reductase.
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