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Cannabinoid Receptor

Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
5-Fluoro-AMP Chemical Structure
BCP15038 5-Fluoro-AMP 1801552-03-3
5-fluoro AMB is an analog of AB-PINACA characterized by the replacement of a primary amine with a methoxy group and the addition of an alkyl-terminal fluorine atom.
HU 210 Chemical Structure
BCP29694 HU 210 112830-95-2
HU 210 is a potent cannabinoid receptor agonist (Ki values of 0.061 and 0.52 nM at cloned human CB1 and CB2 receptors respectively).
2-Arachidonoylglycerol Chemical Structure
BCP31979 2-Arachidonoylglycerol 53847-30-6
2-Arachidonoylglycerol is a second endogenous cannabinoid ligand in the central nervous system.
AM-2232 Chemical Structure
BCP21331 AM-2232 335161-19-8
AM-2232 is a drug that acts as a potent but unselective agonist for the cannabinoid receptors.
CP55,667 Chemical Structure
BCP21009 CP55,667 83002-04-4
CP55,667 is a CB2-selective antagonist.
PSNCBAM-1 Chemical Structure
BCP27729 PSNCBAM-1 877202-74-9
PSNCBAM-1 is an allosteric, non-competitive antagonist of CB-1 (IC50= 45 and 209 nM) with hypophagic effects in vivo, potentially an anti-obesity agents.
HU-308 Chemical Structure
BCP27728 HU-308 256934-39-1
HU-308 is a potent, selective agonist for the peripheral CB2 receptor. The Ki for CB1 is >10 µM, while the Ki for CB2 is approximately 20 nM.
JWH 412 Chemical Structure
BCP16259 JWH 412 1364933-59-4
JWH 412 demonstrates Ki values of 7.2 and 3.2 nM at CB1 and peripheral CB2 receptors, respectively.
MN-018 Chemical Structure
BCP13974 MN-018 1391484-80-2
MN-18 is a synthetic cannabinoid modeled after AKB48, with the adamantyl group replaced by a naphthalenyl group.
EAM-2201 Chemical Structure
BCP13971 EAM-2201 1364933-60-7
EAM-2201 (4'-ethyl-AM-2201, 5"-fluoro-JWH-210) is a drug that presumably acts as a potent agonist for the cannabinoid receptors.
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