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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Clofazimine Chemical Structure
BCP07792 Clofazimine 2030-63-9
Clofazimine is a fat-soluble iminophenazine dye, has a marked anti-inflammatory effect, has been used in combination with other antimycobacterial drugs to treat AIDS and Crohn's disease.
Pristinamycin IA Chemical Structure
BCP31526 Pristinamycin IA 3131-03-1
Pristinamycin IA is a biologically active decapeptide isolated from the skin of the Australian frog Hyla caerulea, is a potent cholecystokinetic agent, and acts as a cholecystokinin receptor agonist.
Pristinamycin IIA Chemical Structure
BCP31523 Pristinamycin IIA 21411-53-0
Pristinamycin IIA is a macrolide antibiotic, a member of the streptogramin A group of antibiotics, and one component of pristinamycin. It is produced by Streptomyces graminofaciens and other bacteria.
AX20017 Chemical Structure
BCP31476 AX20017 329221-38-7
AX20017 is a small-molecule protein kinase G (PknG) inhibitor with an IC50 of 0.39 μM.
Tipranavir Chemical Structure
BCP22007 Tipranavir 174484-41-4
Tipranavir is an HIV-1 protease inhibitor. It has a role as a HIV protease inhibitor and an antiviral drug.
Spiramycin I Chemical Structure
BCP31237 Spiramycin I 24916-50-5
Spiramycin is a macrolide originally discovered as product of Streptomyces ambofaciens, with antibacterial and antiparasitic activities.
5-Hydroxymethylfurfural Chemical Structure
BCP31207 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural 67-47-0
5-hydroxymethylfurfural is found in garden onion. Obtainable from various carbohydrates. 5-Hydroxymethyl-2-furancarboxaldehyde is present in tomatoes, tobacco oil etc.
Tyrothricin Chemical Structure
BCP21552 Tyrothricin 1404-88-2
Tyrothricin is an antimicrobial peptide combination produced by Bacillus brevis consisting of gramicidins and tyrocidins commands broad antimicrobial activity against gram-positive bacteria and some yeasts in vitro.
Myclobutanil Chemical Structure
BCP21409 Myclobutanil 88671-89-0
Myclobutanil is a conazole class fungicide widely used as an agrichemical.
Spirodiclofen Chemical Structure
BCP21407 Spirodiclofen 148477-71-8
Spirodiclofen is an organochlorine acaricide, a dichlorobenzene, an oxaspiro compound and a gamma-lactone. It derives from a 1,3-dichlorobenzene.
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