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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Antimycin A Chemical Structure
BCP27736 Antimycin A 1397-94-0
Antimycin A is an antibiotic, inducing apoptosis and inhibiting the mitochondrial electron transport chain from cytochrome b to cytochrome C1, disrupting the ABCC4-MPP1 protein complex and reversing drug resistance in AML cell lines and in primary patient AML cells.
Monensin Chemical Structure
BCP30259 Monensin 17090-79-8
Monensin is a polyether antibiotic first isolated from streptomyces cinnamonensis; a broad-spectrum anticoccicidal antibiotic; exhibits antifungal and antiviral activity; forms complexes with monovalent cations such as li+, na+, K+, rb+, ag+ and tl+; blocks intracellular protein transport and is used in animals to prevent coccidiosis, promote growth and prevent bloat
Pyrazinamide Chemical Structure
BCP30257 Pyrazinamide 98-96-4
Pyrazinamide is a pyrazine that is used therapeutically as an antitubercular agent.
OSW-1 Chemical Structure
BCP19721 OSW-1 145075-81-6
OSW-1, isolated from Ornithogalum caudatum, is a specific antagonist of osterol-binding protein (OSBP) and OSBP-related protein 4 (ORP4) with GI50s in the nanomolar range in human cancer lines.
Vapendavir Chemical Structure
BCP23992 Vapendavir 439085-51-5
Vapendavir, also known as BTA-798, is a capsid binder (CB).
Pirodavir Chemical Structure
BCP07399 Pirodavir 124436-59-5
Pirodavir inhibits 80 percentage of viruses at 0.064 micrograms/ml(EC80).
Pocapavir Chemical Structure
BCP20876 Pocapavir 146949-21-5
Pocapavir, also known as SCH-48973 and V-073, is a potent, selective, antienterovirus agent.
Pleconaril Chemical Structure
BCP20819 Pleconaril 153168-05-9
Pleconaril is a capsid inhibitor used previously to treat enterovirus infections. Pleconaril is effective in inhibiting replication with an IC50 of 50 nM.
Galidesivir Chemical Structure
BCP19643 Galidesivir 249503-25-1
Galidesivir is a viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) inhibitor; demonstrated broad-spectrum activity in multiple viruses and a favorable preliminary preclinical safety profile.
Remdesivir Chemical Structure
BCP24975 Remdesivir 1809249-37-3
Remdesivir is a nucleoside analogue, with effective antiviral activity, with EC50s of 74 nM for ARS-CoV and MERS-CoV in HAE cells, and 30 nM for murine hepatitis virus in delayed brain tumor cells.
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