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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
PCO371 Chemical Structure
BCP31012 PCO371 1613373-33-3
PCO371 is an orally active full agonist of parathyroid hormone receptor 1 (PTHR1), with no effect on PTH type 2 receptor.
SNC 80 Chemical Structure
BCP27656 SNC 80 156727-74-1
SNC80 is a highly selective and potent non-peptide δ-opioid agonist, 2000-fold selective over μ-opioid receptors.
(±)-Equol Chemical Structure
BCP31011 (±)-Equol 94105-90-5
(±)-Equol is the racemate of equol. Equol is a metabolite of the soy isoflavones, daidzin and daidzein.
22-Hydroxy Mifepristone Chemical Structure
BCP27648 22-Hydroxy Mifepristone 105012-15-5
22-Hydroxy Mifepristone is a metabolite of Mifepristone.
Benazepril HCl Chemical Structure
BCP27638 Benazepril HCl 86541-74-4
Benazepril hydrochloride is a hydrochloride salt resulting from the reaction of benazepril with 1 mol eq. of hydrogen chloride. Benazepril is a drug of the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor used to treat high blood pressure.
TRV-130 2,​2,​2-​trifluoroacetate Chemical Structure
BCP29159 TRV-130 2,​2,​2-​trifluoroacetate 1467616-97-2
TRV130 is an opioid drug that is under evaluation in human clinical trials for the treatment of acute severe pain.
TRV-130 fumarate Chemical Structure
BCP29158 TRV-130 fumarate 1467617-09-9
TRV130 is an opioid drug that is under evaluation in human clinical trials for the treatment of acute severe pain.
MB07811 Chemical Structure
BCP30985 MB07811 852948-13-1
MB-07811 is an orally active HepDirect prodrug of MB07344, a liver-targeted thyroid hormone receptor-β agonist. MB-07811 has cholesterol and triglycerides lowering activity.
Nilutamide Chemical Structure
BCP26617 Nilutamide 63612-50-0
Nilutamide is an Androgen Receptor Inhibitor. The mechanism of action of nilutamide is as an Androgen Receptor Antagonist.
Testosterone propionate Chemical Structure
BCP23359 Testosterone propionate 57-85-2
Testosterone Propionate is an efficient androgenic hormone for the treatment of low testosterone.
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