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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
LY-2940094 Chemical Structure
BCP30786 LY-2940094 1307245-86-8
LY2940094 is a potent and selective nociceptin receptor antagonist which inhibits excessive feeding behavior in rodents.
[D-Ala2]leucine-enkephalin Chemical Structure
BCP25053 [D-Ala2]leucine-enkephalin 64963-01-5
[D-Ala2]leucine-enkephalin, a delta opioid agonist, is a degradation resistant long-acting Leu-enkephalin.
Met-Enkephalin Chemical Structure
BCP25058 Met-Enkephalin 58569-55-4
Met-Enkephalin is synthetic opioid peptides that has opioid effects of a relatively short duration.
S 23 Chemical Structure
BCP30652 S 23 1010396-29-8
S 23 is an androgen receptor modulator.
Testrosterone undecanoate Chemical Structure
BCP10773 Testrosterone undecanoate 5949-55-0
Testosterone undecanoate is a synthetic androstane steroid and a derivative of testosterone.
RU-58841-myristate Chemical Structure
BCP30408 RU-58841-myristate 623563-63-3
RU 58841 is a specific androgen receptor antagonist or anti-androgen. RU 58841 (PSK-3841) has a dramatic effect on hair regrowth.
CID-1375606 Chemical Structure
BCP30391 CID-1375606 313493-80-0
CID 1375606 is a GPR27 agonist.
(R)-Bicalutamide Chemical Structure
BCP21466 (R)-Bicalutamide 113299-40-4
(R)-Bicalutamide is an active competitive non-steroidal androgen receptor antagonis.
Ogerin Chemical Structure
BCP30307 Ogerin 1309198-71-7
Ogerin is a selective GPR68 PAM, suppressing recall in fear conditioning in wild-type but not in GPR68-knockout mice.
Zofenoprilat Chemical Structure
BCP21242 Zofenoprilat 75176-37-3
Zofenoprilat is an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor and is the free sulfhydryl active metabolite of zofenopril.
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