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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Depropyl Rotigotine Chemical Structure
BCP31932 Depropyl Rotigotine 153409-14-4
Despropylrotigotine is impurity of Rotigotine
Desthienylethyl rotigotine Chemical Structure
BCP31933 Desthienylethyl rotigotine 101470-23-9
Desthienylethyl Rotigotine is a substituted tetralin used in the production of antiparkinson medications.
Lansoprazole Sulfone N-Oxide Chemical Structure
BCP31929 Lansoprazole Sulfone N-Oxide 953787-54-7
Lansoprazole Sulfone N-Oxide is an impurity of Lansoprazole.
Vorapaxar Sulfate Impurity A Chemical Structure
BCP15102 Vorapaxar Sulfate Impurity A 900161-13-9
Vorapaxar Sulfate Impurity A is an impurity of Vorapaxar Sulfate
Bisoprolol Impurity C Chemical Structure
BCP31911 Bisoprolol Impurity C BIC
Bisoprolol Impurity C is an impurity of Bisoprolol.
Avibactam Impurity 3 Chemical Structure
BCP15517 Avibactam Impurity 3 1416134-49-0
Avibactam Impurity 3 is an impurity of Avibactam.
Avibactam Impurity 6 Chemical Structure
BCP15518 Avibactam Impurity 6 1192651-49-2
Avibactam Impurity 6 is an impurity of Avibactam.
Fluconazole Impurity A Chemical Structure
BCP31888 Fluconazole Impurity A 89429-59-4
Fluconazole Impurity A is a stereoisomer of Fluconazole.
O-Desmethyl Ivabradine Chemical Structure
BCP31881 O-Desmethyl Ivabradine 304462-60-0
O-Desmethyl Ivabradine is an Ivabradine metabolite.
Ivabradine Impurity 16 Chemical Structure
BCP31882 Ivabradine Impurity 16 304464-98-0
Ivabradine Impurity 16 is an impurity of Ivabradine
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