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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Ethyl 6,8-dichloro caprylate Chemical Structure
BCP38826 Ethyl 6,8-dichloro caprylate 41443-60-1
10-Methoxyiminostilbene Chemical Structure
BCP38824 10-Methoxyiminostilbene 4698-11-7
10-Methoxyiminostilbene is an impurity of Carbamazepine
p-(2-Methoxyethyl) phenol Chemical Structure
BCP38810 p-(2-Methoxyethyl) phenol 56718-71-9
4-(2-Methoxyethyl)phenol is an impurity of Metoprolol.
Sorafenib related compound 10 Chemical Structure
BCP38798 Sorafenib related compound 10 1012058-78-4
Sorafenib related compound 10 is an impurity of Sorafenib.
Linagliptin N-Boc Impurity Chemical Structure
BCP38741 Linagliptin N-Boc Impurity 668273-75-4
Linagliptin N-Boc Impurity is an impurity of Linagliptin.
Zanubrutinib Impurity 9 Chemical Structure
BCP38686 Zanubrutinib Impurity 9 2190506-55-7
Zanubrutinib Impurity 3 Chemical Structure
BCP38684 Zanubrutinib Impurity 3 2190506-56-8
(2S,4S)-Sacubitril Chemical Structure
BCP38675 (2S,4S)-Sacubitril 149709-63-7
Sacubitril Impurity 2 Chemical Structure
BCP38633 Sacubitril Impurity 2 1038924-97-8
Sacubitril Impurity 2 is an impurity of Sacubitril, which is an antihypertensive.
ABT-494 Intermediate Chemical Structure
BCP38627 ABT-494 Intermediate 2050038-81-6
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