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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
7-Didemethyl Minocycline Chemical Structure
BCP42801 7-Didemethyl Minocycline 5679-00-5
Afatinib Impurity K Chemical Structure
BCP42897 Afatinib Impurity K 2413212-13-0
4,5-Didehydro Brimonidine Chemical Structure
BCP42861 4,5-Didehydro Brimonidine 151110-15-5
Cilastatin Impurity E Chemical Structure
BCP41790 Cilastatin Impurity E 1174657-07-8
Vortioxetine Impurity 29 Chemical Structure
BCP42785 Vortioxetine Impurity 29 1928741-88-1
Dehydro Loperamide Chemical Structure
BCP42780 Dehydro Loperamide 61299-42-1
Dehydro Loperamide is a Loperamide impurity.
Loperamide EP Impurity G Chemical Structure
BCP42779 Loperamide EP Impurity G 109572-89-6
Loperamide Impurity G is an impurity of Loperamide which is used as an antidiarrheal.
Loperamide oxide Chemical Structure
BCP42778 Loperamide oxide 106900-12-3
Loperamide oxide is a prodrug of the effective antidiarrheal loperamide.
Loperamide EP Impurity E Chemical Structure
BCP42772 Loperamide EP Impurity E 1426322-82-8
Loperamide Impurity D Chemical Structure
BCP42771 Loperamide Impurity D 37743-41-2
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