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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
CeMMEC13 Chemical Structure
BCP25037 CeMMEC13 1790895-25-8
CeMMEC13 is a potent inhibitor of TAF1 (2) bromodomain, with an IC50 of 2.1 μM.
ICI 118,551 hydrochloride Chemical Structure
BCP36805 ICI 118,551 hydrochloride 72795-01-8
ICI 118,551 (hydrochloride) is a highly selective β2 adrenergic receptor antagonist, with Kis of 0.7, 49.5 and 611 nM for β2, β1 and β3 receptors, respectively.
Zandelisib Chemical Structure
BCP36800 Zandelisib 1401436-95-0
Zandelisib is a phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K) inhibitor, and antineoplastic.
Adavivint Chemical Structure
BCP36799 Adavivint 1467013-03-3
Adavivint is a Wnt pathway inhibitor.
NPPB Chemical Structure
BCP36797 NPPB 107254-86-4
NPPB is a blocker of the outwardly rectifying chloride channel (ORCC).
PROTAC FKBP Degrader-3 Chemical Structure
BCP36792 PROTAC FKBP Degrader-3 2079056-43-0
PROTAC FKBP Degrader-3 is a PROTAC that comprises a FKBP ligand binding group, a linker and an VHL binding group. PROTAC FKBP Degrader-3 is a potent FKBP degrader.
PROTAC AR Degrader-4 Chemical Structure
BCP36791 PROTAC AR Degrader-4 1351169-31-7
PROTAC AR Degrader-4 comprises a cIAP1 ligand binding group, a linker and an androgen receptor (AR) binding group.
EPZ004777 HCl Chemical Structure
BCP36786 EPZ004777 HCl 1380316-03-9
EPZ004777 hydrochloride is the hydrochloride salt of EPZ004777, which is a potent, selective DOT1L inhibitor with IC50 of 0.4 nM.
CB-103 Chemical Structure
BCP36784 CB-103 218457-67-1
CB-103 is a first-in-class orally active notch signaling pathway inhibitor extracted from patent US9296682B2.
Namitecan Chemical Structure
BCP36777 Namitecan 372105-27-6
Namitecan is a potent topoisomerase I inhibitor, with antitumor property.
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