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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Fosphenytoin sodium Chemical Structure
BCP13859 Fosphenytoin sodium 92134-98-0
Fosphenytoin sodium is a phenytoin prodrug with similar anticonvulsant properties.
Maduramycin ammonium Chemical Structure
BCP13419 Maduramycin ammonium 84878-61-5
Maduramicin inhibits proliferation and induces apoptosis in myoblast cells.
Potassium 4-methoxysalicylate Chemical Structure
BCP08104 Potassium 4-methoxysalicylate 152312-71-5
Ecamsule Chemical Structure
BCP16962 Ecamsule 92761-26-7
Ecamsule is an organic compound which is added to many sunscreens to filter out UVA rays.
Ecamsule ·2Na Chemical Structure
BCP16966 Ecamsule ·2Na 90458-75-6
Uniconazole Chemical Structure
BCP13880 Uniconazole 83657-22-1
Uniconazole is a triazole chemical used as a plant growth retardant.
Thaxtomine A Chemical Structure
BCP20031 Thaxtomine A 122380-18-1
Thaxtomin A is a phytotoxin that causes plant cell necrosis.
Trimetazidine Chemical Structure
BCP16534 Trimetazidine 5011-34-7
Trimetazidine is a vasodilator used in angina of effort or ischemic heart disease.
Hesperidin methylchalcone Chemical Structure
BCP13745 Hesperidin methylchalcone 24292-52-2
Vitamin E Nicotinate Chemical Structure
BCP13683 Vitamin E Nicotinate 16676-75-8
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