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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
(D-Ala2)-Leucine Enkephalin-Arg Chemical Structure
BCP30545 (D-Ala2)-Leucine Enkephalin-Arg 81733-79-1
Dalargin has originally been proposed as an antiulcer agent with cytoprotective properties, but it has been tested for other activities with promising results.
MAT2A inhibitor Chemical Structure
BCP30524 MAT2A inhibitor 2201057-10-3
MAT2A inhibitor is a MATA2 inhibitor that are useful as therapeutic agents for treating malignancies.
Atrazine Chemical Structure
BCP12774 Atrazine 1912-24-9
Atrazine is an herbicide of the triazine class. Atrazine functions by binding to the plastoquinone-binding protein in photosystem II, which animals lack. Plant death results from starvation and oxidative damage caused by breakdown in the electron transport process.
VL285 Chemical Structure
BCP30479 VL285 1448188-57-5
VL285 is a potent VHL ligand, degrading HaloTag7 fusion proteins.
Protein degrader 1 Chemical Structure
BCP25134 Protein degrader 1 1448297-52-6
Protein degrader 1 is a potent and selective protein degrader.
Protein degrader 1 hydrochloride Chemical Structure
BCP25135 Protein degrader 1 hydrochloride 1448189-80-7
Protein degrader 1 hydrochloride is used in the synthesis of HaloPROTACs.
dBET1 Chemical Structure
BCP25962 dBET1 1799711-21-9
dBET1 is a potent BRD4 protein degrader based on PROTAC technology with an EC50 of 430 nM.
ARV-825 Chemical Structure
BCP19950 ARV-825 1818885-28-7
ARV-825 is a BRD4 Inhibitor based on PROTAC technology.
E3 ligase Ligand 2 Chemical Structure
BCP20021 E3 ligase Ligand 2 5054-59-1
E3 ligase Ligand 2 is a Ligand for E3 Ligase used in PROTAC technology.
VH-298 Chemical Structure
BCP20719 VH-298 2097381-85-4
VH-298 is a highly potent inhibitor of the VHL:HIF-α interaction with a Kd value of 80 to 90 nM, used in PROTAC technology.
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