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Epigenetic Reader Domain

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Epigenetic Reader Domain

Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
M-89 Chemical Structure
BCP35588 M-89 2363165-42-6
M-89 is a highly potent and specific menin inhibitor, with a Kd of 1.4 nM for binding to menin. M-89 inhibits the menin-mixed lineage leukemia (Menin-MLL) protein-protein interaction and has potential to treat MLL leukemia.
Y06036 Chemical Structure
BCP35043 Y06036 1832671-96-1
Y06036 is a potent and selective BET inhibitor, which binds to the BRD4(1) bromodomain with Kd value of 82 nM. Antitumor activity.
MS31 Chemical Structure
BCP34903 MS31 2366264-12-0
MS31 is a potent, highly affinity and selective fragment-like methyllysine reader protein spindlin 1 (SPIN1) inhibitor. MS31 potently inhibits the interactions between SPIN1 and H3K4me3. It is not toxic to nontumorigenic cells.
VTP-50469 Chemical Structure
BCP34837 VTP-50469 2169916-18-9
VTP50469 is a potent, highly selective and orally active Menin-MLL interaction inhibitor with a Ki of 104 pM. VTP50469 has potently anti-leukemia activity.
Alobresib Chemical Structure
BCP33313 Alobresib 1637771-14-2
Alobresib is an antineoplastic drug candidate.
UNC-926 Hydochloride Chemical Structure
BCP25396 UNC-926 Hydochloride 1782573-49-2
UNC-926 is a methyl-lysine (Kme) reader domain inhibitor; inhibits L3MBTL1 with an IC50 of 3.9 μM.
BETd-260 Chemical Structure
BCP33276 BETd-260 2093388-62-4
BETd-260 is a potent BET degrader based on PROTAC technology, with as low as 30 pM against BRD4 protein in RS4;11 leukemia cell line.
PF-CBP1 Chemical Structure
BCP32782 PF-CBP1 1962928-21-7
PF-CBP1 is potent and highly-selective inhibitor of the bromodomain of CREB binding protein (CBP BRD) that down regulates targets of CBP in macrophages primary neurons.
A1874 Chemical Structure
BCP32647 A1874 2064292-12-0
A1874 is a nutlin-based and BRD4-degrading PROTAC which induces BRD4 degradation in cells.
dBET57 Chemical Structure
BCP32540 dBET57 1883863-52-2
dBET57 is a novel BRD4 heterobifunctional small-molecule ligand (PROTAC) which exhibits significant and selective degradation of BRD4 BD1 but is inactive on BRD4 BD2.
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